Smart Invest and Save Platform

TurnKey Micro Investment and Saving Platform as Service

Easy to Integrate

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems for Streamlined Investment Processes. Our clearly identified integration points and tools enable quick and easy integration.

Increased engagement

Nudge users more frequently to make small investments. Let your customers know that you care about their money.

Multiple strategies

Pick and choose from as many as five different investment scenarios including an AI-based investment affordability and auto invest solution.

Full stack solution

Not a broker-dealer? Plugin to our turn key investment and clearing systems to capitalize on the market opportunity

How it works


Analyze and Invest

Every couple of days, KapitalWise's AI based algorithm check how much money your customer can invest and nudge the user to make that investment. Our algorithm make sure we never invest more than a customer can invest.



Round up transactions and invest the change in selected funds. Turn every spending you make, to a small investment for the future


Reward Conversion

Help them convert reward points and hidden cash into investments. Great fit for someone who wants to start investing without taking much risk.


Invest When Get Paid

Let your customer select a fixed or a percentage of their income towards the investment goal.


Scheduled Invest

Help your users decide how often they want to invest, select daily, weekly or monthly fixed amount and the target fund.

Let us help you take action!