Personalized Recommendation

Internal Lead Generation Tool for Relationship Managers

Easy to Integrate

Seamless integration with existing banking systems.

Personalized Recommendation

Identify the products owned by your customers with competitors and suggest right product recommendation.

Personalized Marketing

Empower your marketing campaigns by targeting right user segments.

How it works


Financial behaviour analysys

We go beyond just looking into your CRM! Our algorithm uses complex machine learning and AI techniques to learn users financial behavious by looking into where customers are spending their money.


Ask smart questions

Deep learning based on user's cash flow and spending habits. Relationship Managers can prospects users based on complex scenarios such as show me customers who have an external mortgage or auto loan.


Predict Attrition

Smart AI and Deep Learning to identify customers who might leave your bank. Take right actions to retain your valuable customers.


Predict Events

We learn from your historic purchase data to predict financial events. Our deep learning on multiple data sources helps you predict customer's life events.

Let us help you take action!