Personalized Recommendation

Customer Insights that can help you build a more trusting relationship with your clients

Easy to Integrate

Seamless integration with existing your banking systems.

Personalized Recommendation

We analyze your client’s financial habits and affordability to recommend personalized investment options for them.


Our matching algorithms consider more than eighty factors for most curated recommendations.

How it works


Not just the risk questionnaires

We go beyond just asking few risk questions, our algorithm uses complex machine learning and AI techniques to gauge the user's risk tolerance from financial habits


Advanced Analytics

Deep learning based on user's cash flow and spending habits recommend products that best fit the user by using similar methodologies used by Netflix and Amazon for product recommendations


Product Recommendation

Recommend right products to help them reach their financial goals


Predict Financial Goals

Our system can predict the future financial goals for your users and help them achieve it. All automated so that they never even think about their financials

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