Delivering AI Wealth Management Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

KapitalWise deploys white-labeled financial solutions and APIs built on cash-flow prediction and financial behavior analysis to help automate savings and investing for the end users



Micro-investment Platform as Service


Financial Goals

Financial Goals

Achieve goals in a smarter way

Making financial decisions doesn’t have to be hard

We provide simple and easy to use solutions that make your customer’s investment and saving decisions easier

Bank branded micro-investing platform

Millennials have entirely different life goals than the previous generation, help them start investing and saving in small amounts but more frequently.

Automated financial goal setting with a path to achieve it

Consumers have been heavily influenced by their experience with Smartphones and other smart devices. We provide an end-to-end automated solution that recommends financial goal with a smart way to achieve it.

Lead generation across banking departments

Building bridges between retail banking and wealth management to reduce the customer acquisition cost.

Convert underutilized reward points into productive capital

Our easy to integrate micro investment engine plugs-in with your reward systems to convert reward points into investments and savings.

Improve your Customer Experience

How would you rate the overall quality of your bank’s digital experience today and in five years? We provide Personal Finance Management tools that provide high quality customers experience and engagement.

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Micro Investment Platform

A white-labeled micro-investing platform with simplified investment strategies based on rules

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Automated Wealth Engine

A platform built on predictive analytics and financial behavior analysis to recommend a financial goal and help users achieve it in a smarter easier way

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Investment Recommendation

Investment advisor built on AI and Machine learning that takes recommendation one step further by considering your client’s financial habits and affordability

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Dollar Cost Averaging Simple yet Powerful!

Micro-investing, wealth-building strategy that involves investing a very small amount of money frequently over a long period. This is considered to be the best way to make saving and investing manageable for people on low incomes. The amount of money invested at each interval remains the same over time, but the number of units purchased varies based on the market value of the funds at the time of a purchase, which leads dollar cost averaging over a long period.


Saving and Investing, made simple and easy

KapitalWise automates saving and investment decisions for your customers using predictive analytics and machine learning. We link customers financial habits with investments and savings so that the wealth generation happens in a passive way