Unlock the Value of Your Customer Data

Enabling Financial Institutions to Better Serve Their Customers


Analyze & Predict

Financial Goals, Saving and Investing



Personalized Recommendations

An AI Platform for Financial Institutions

Leverage Cash Flow Prediction and Financial Behavior Analysis to Better Serve Your Customers

Increase Engagement

Personalize banking and investing at scale with contextual marketing and outreach

Build Financial Health

Help your customers set and track goals, and nudge them to save when they have extra cash

Deepen Relationships

Recommend the right products at the right time with intelligent cross-sell

Explore some of the options for leveraging the platform

Deposit Generation

White-label apps and tools to help your customers save, invest and achieve financial goals

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Customer Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers with behavioral insights and smart segmentation

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Contextual Recommendations

Make the right product offer to the right customer at the right time to improve cross-sell and broaden relationships

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