Every customer is differentUnderstanding their needs is the key to shared success

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  • Healthy Customers
  • Intelligent Cross-Sell
  • Strong Brand Loyalty

The KapitalWise AI Platform Provides

Consumer Fiancial Welness

Help your customers to measure financial wellbeing, set smart goals, and help them improve their financial wellness

Relationship Manager Tools

Predict and detect financial and life events such as job changes, bonus payment and tax refund to take proactive action

Fintech Marketplace

Connect your consumers to personalized products and services at the right time based on their current financial status and habits

Accelerate Customer Acquisition and Improve loyalty


Reduced Customer
Acquisition Cost




engagement rate

Insights are available in APIs for any of your channels

Deliver financial wellness tools such as goal setting and nudging in your online and mobile customer experiences

Drive targeted marketing campaigns and 1:1 customer journeys by leaveraging KapitalWise insights

Give your relationship managers deep insights and cross-sell leads in your CRM or though our dashboard

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